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Peter Matheson and his family were the last builders of traditional boats in Caithness. Following two decades of boat making during which they made over 150 boats, the Matheson family left their home in Scarfskerry and moved to retire in Glasgow in 1999. Peter’s love affair with the industry however, was destined to continue. “I’d hardly even arrived here when the guys at Gal Gael asked me if I would help them out and teach boat building for them. It’s in my blood so how could I refuse,” said Peter. Thanks to his connections with the firm and help with funding from a variety of sources, including Awards from All, Peter (a year later) went on to set up Clydeside Traditional Boat Builders to pass on the trade to young, unemployed people. Now based at a small shipyard in Govan in Glasgow, Peter and his team of volunteers are among the last few craftsmen in Scotland who are keeping the skills and spirit of this wonderful trade alive. He said: “It’s very satisfying for me to be creating things to my own design and passing the skills on to the younger generation. It’s also great to know that some of my volunteers will move on and continue in the boat trade.”