Boy Peter

The Boy Peter

The 'Boy Peter' is a brand new traditionally built wooden charter vessel. She uses sails only as an auxiliary. Like the ' Flower of Caithness' the 'Boy Peter' can accommodate 12 guests on day cruises and she has accommodation for six guests on overnight cruises. She is designed on the lines of the seaworthy Scottish fishing vessels. Like most fishing vessels she has a large expanse of open deck (for sunbathing etc.)

The 'Boy Peter' like the ''Flower of Caithness' is fully equipped, with plotter, sounder, VHF Radio etc. and like the 'Flower' she is equipped with life raft and all the safety equipment as required under the 'Code of Practice' She has hot and cold water and a shower. Some of the money to fit out the 'Boy Peter' has come from the Big Lottery fund and other charities. Because of this financial help, we are able to offer some berths on this vessel to deserving causes and individuals at much reduced rates. Especially if people are able to join the vessel at short notices and help with the work of running these unique vessels.

The ''Boy Peter' will be operating in the same area as the ' Flower of Caithness' The boats will usually charter in company for safety and for companionship. The 'Boy Peter' with its large sheltered deck area can provide room for the guests from both vessels for socializing etc. whilst at anchor or in harbour.

One of the unique features of the ''Boy Peter' as a charter vessel is that it was designed as a fishing vessel. Peter Matheson, the builder of the 'Boy Peter' and one of your skippers, is also an experienced fisherman, having operated various fishing vessels commercially in the Pentland Firth. Fresh fish and shellfish caught by the 'Boy Peter' will appear on the menu on a regular basis. If you are interested in fishing, or in helping with the creels (pots) you will get the opportunity to participate, whether you sail on the 'Boy Peter' or on the 'Flower of Caithness '. The 'Boy Peter' is equipped with a 100 horsepower engine. This gives her a speed of eight knots, irrespective of wind direction. This vessel is also equipped with a 5 KVA Generator.

The 'Boy Peter' may also be booked exclusively for sea angling trips, either by the day, or, taking advantage of her spacious accommodation, for weekends or six day cruises. Maximum number of anglers on such overnight cruises is six. (day trips twelve) This vessel may also be chartered for any number of different types of cruises including sightseeing and marine life watching, whales, seals dolphins etc. The boat even has a glass panel under the waterline so that you may view the underwater life in its own Environment, not just when it breaks the surface.

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