About Us

Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders

Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders, the builders of the Boy Peter and various other traditional vessels, are based in Govan, on the site of the former Harland and Wolf shipyard. The main aim of the boatyard is to promote the building and use of traditional wooden vessels on the Firth of Clyde and adjacent waters.

Many people have benefited from the free training in boat building provided by Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders. Some have obtained employment at other yards. People from all walks of life are welcome to train with us. Your sex or religion or background is not a barrier to learning traditional boat building.

An incentive is being offered at the moment, where if you work in the boatyard on a voluntary basis you may be able to sail on one of our charter boats free. If you work in the boatyard you would be working on various traditional wooden vessels. All built and designed by Peter Matheson and the trainees.

Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders can build boats from a seven-foot pram dinghy, to a vessel like the schooner 'The Flower of Caithness'. This vessel is almost sixty-foot over all in length. However the yard mainly concentrates on clinker boat building, but will if required, also build a carvel vessel for you.

Some of the boats built by 'Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders' include 'The Orcuan' for the Gal-Gael Trust. The hull for this vessel was built at our yard with the help of their trainees and fitted out by the Gael Gail Trust's trainees themselves. Another vessel was the 'Gift of the Gael' for the same trust. We also built a 26-foot 'Stroma yawl' for the Penilee Community Boat building Project. This we did at the Gal-Gael's yard. SIPS funded the boat. We have just completed a 23-foot lobster fishing boat for the Shetland Isles. Last year an 18 foot fishing boat was built by our yard for the Isle of Sky etc.

Some of the services provided by the yard through our associates such as ' Amberrose Designs' are the design and production of upholstery and soft furnishings for your yacht. 'Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders''can also through their associates The Fairground Community Group, arrange transport and storage for vessels of up to forty-four foot and twenty tons. (Phone 0141 4456094)